The New European corrects inaccuracies and issues an apology

The New European

The New European published an article on 16th March 2018 which contained a number of errors and inaccuracies. Following a complaint that we made to the International Press Standards Organisation, the publication has issued the following correction and apology:

In the March 15 edition of the New European, the Mandrake diary item written by Tim Walker and titled “Mum’s the word” contained a number of inaccuracies.

Firstly, the diary item said that the Legatum think tank was being wound up. In fact, the Legatum entity which was wound up in the Cayman Islands was not the Legatum Institute Foundation in the UK, and the Legatum think tank continues its varied research and programmatical work.

Secondly, the item said that Christopher Chandler was “a big backer of Brexit”. In fact, Christopher Chandler is not a big backer of Brexit, and has never publicly commented on Brexit or donated to any organisations campaigning for or against Britain remaining in the EU.

Finally, the diary item implied that Christopher Chandler is among the donors to the Institute of Economic Affairs (“IEA”). Christopher Chandler does not donate to the IEA, nor has he ever done so.
We are happy to apologise to Legatum and Christopher Chandler and set the record straight.

We continue to champion the freedom of the press, but strongly believe that with freedom must come responsibility: journalists must be required to tell the truth and uphold standards of decency and respect. We therefore welcome the New European’s willingness for correcting the record.

The correction and apology can be seen here