Prosperity problem: Index reveals the winners and losers since 2008 crash

Sarah Fink, Stephen Clarke, Cristina Odone

The Great Recession of 2008 left economies in tatters around the world. The recovery has been slow and some nations have fared better than others. By considering education, health, safety and security, personal freedom and social capital in each country, as well as economic sub-indices, the Legatum Institute's Prosperity Index measures a country's real performance.

The countries whose governments invested in creating opportunities for businesses, and whose citizens enjoyed trusting and plentiful relationships, scored highest in the Index. They survived the financial crisis and are now well on the road to recovery. Entrepreneurs thrive when the government supports business by keeping start-up costs low, taxes fair, and offering the kind of tax breaks that incentivise innovation.

Legatum Institute's special report with Newsweek discusses the Mediterranean's social breakdown, the problem of taxation, and, amongst other topics, what can be done to beat the recession.

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Image accreditation: John Kolesidis/ REUTERS