Innovation in the Luminos Fund's Speed School classroom

Interview with Caitlin Baron, Luminos Fund

The HundrED Summit asks Caitlin Baron, CEO of the Luminos Fund, how we make education a rich experience for everyone and not just the privileged.

‘Most education conversations in the world are divided into two poles or two camps,’ Caitlin Baron, told the audience at HundrED’s Summit earlier this year. ‘On the one hand we have the school of the future - visionary education, adaptive learning, individualised instruction. This is the conversation we have in the Silicon Valleys of the world, a conversation fundamentally anchored in the world of technology. On the other extreme we have the conversation about education for the masses.’

In that one short explanation, Baron boiled down one of the biggest issues of our time – the fact that we are quickly becoming once more a polarised global society between those who have and the ones who do not, with the middle ground and the opportunities to improve our social standing disappearing. This is even being felt in education where the holistic schools of the future cater for students only in the upper middle classes, with the rest of society’s schools overstretched and simply focused on doing what they can with their limited resources.

Too often the two different conversations are kept at arm’s length from each other, they couldn’t possibly co-exist or – heaven forbid – compliment and collaborate with each other. Not only does this point of view add to the already increasing gap between the very wealthy and privileged and the rest of the world, but it simply is a ridiculous argument for limiting millions, if not billions, of children’s potential.

The Luminos Fund's work goes to show that we really can create an education movement that benefits everyone.

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