How the Security Council can fight human trafficking and modern slavery

Nick Grono & Dr James Cockayne
Huffington Post

Nick Grono, CEO of The Freedom Fund briefed the UN Security Council on Wednesday 16th December during its first ever hearing on human trafficking.

This is a very welcome development, because, while slavery is illegal everywhere, several armed groups are actively promoting it. Both Islamic State and Boko Haram have enslaved thousands of people. And there are more people displaced by conflict -- and vulnerable to human trafficking -- than ever before. States have so far failed to stand up to these pressures on the taboo against slavery. A strong signal is needed from the UN Security Council to reinforce the global taboo against slavery and to encourage more effective, coordinated international action.

The Freedom Fund is a new philanthropic initiative designed to bring much-needed strategic focus and financial resources to the fight against modern slavery. With an expert team and global perspective, the Fund aims to raise $100 million for smart anti-slavery investments in the countries and industries where it is most needed.

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