Entrepreneurs unite to form "The Entrepreneur's Think Tank"

Centre for Entrepreneurs

cfe_200px.pngOctober 10th, 2013 marks the launch of the Centre for Entrepreneurs - the Entrepreneur's Think Tank. The Centre - a non-profit joint venture between the Legatum Institute and Luke Johnson - will defend entrepreneurs and promote the economic, social and cultural value of entrepreneurship in the UK. It represents all entrepreneurs, big or small, aspiring to grow their business.

Matt Smith, co-founder and former policy director of NACUE - the nationwide network of student enterprise societies - is the Director of the Centre and he is supported by a prominent advisory group including angel investor Dale Murray, Betfair founder Ed Wray, head of Startup Britain, Emma Jones, former Number 10 advisor Rohan Silva and lastminute.com co-founder Brent Hoberman.

Chairman of the Centre, Luke Johnson says "entrepreneurs are at the heart of our economy. Their willingness to risk their own capital in pursuit of new products and services is the reason the UK has such a strong track record of entrepreneurial achievement. Countless home-grown brands such as Dyson, Virgin, Rolls Royce and Carphone Warehouse all started because someone took a risk. Large and small, entrepreneurial businesses have created millions of jobs in the UK".

Alan McCormick, a director of the Legatum Institute which is co-founder of the Centre adds "what the UK needs today is a new generation of entrepreneurs to build on our entrepreneurial heritage and grow businesses that create further growth and employment. But the needs of entrepreneurs and the contribution they make to our society have been largely forgotten in discussions about how to accelerate Britain's economic future. That's why we’re launching the Centre for Entrepreneurs."

"Entrepreneurship drives sustainable economic growth," says Luke Johnson. "And it represents a basket of positive values including thrift, honesty, determination, resilience, collaboration, appreciation of risk, and the reward of endeavour. Yet government, the media and big business – despite all claiming to support entrepreneurs – can undermine entrepreneurship through unhelpful legislation, image stereo-typing and monopolistic behaviour. We believe this is partly due to under-representation of entrepreneurs in the public eye, which the Centre aims to address. Our goals are to both defend entrepreneurs from such attacks, and to positively promote entrepreneurship to government, media, the private sector, including big businesses, and the general public."


Craig Scott, Matt Smith and Skye Robinson
Luke Johnson, CFE Chairman
Brent Hoberman, advisor to the CFE and Caroline Hyde of Bloomberg
Alan McCormick of Legatum, Matt Smith, Guy Rigby and Oli Barrett


Learn more about the Centre for Entrepreneurs on their website: www.centreforentrepreneurs.org.