Ellen Agler: The fight against tropical diseases that blight the poor

Daniel Sanderson
The National

Ellen Agler, the CEO of the END Fund, is releasing a book in 2019 titled 'Under the Big Tree: Extraordinary Stories from the Movement to End Neglected Tropical Diseases', which aims to tell some of the human stories of Neglected Tropical Diseases, which her fund is working to eliminate. The END Fund was founded by Legatum  in 2012 and has since distributed over 500 million treatments to those in need. 

Agler said that despite a lack of public attention in the west, rapid progress is being made as new treatments are developed. The fight is being supported by governments such as the US and the UK, as well as significant funding from the UAE.

Speaking at the Gavi conference in Abu Dhabi, Agler praised backers in the UAE who have helped make significant progress in tackling Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). They include Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Mohamed last year pledged US$20 million to a new $100m fund to rid the world of river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, two NTDs. 

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