‘Another Europe’ retracts all its false claims about Legatum and Christopher Chandler in a Statement in Open Court.

Today in the High Court, the website ‘Another Europe is Possible’ (AEIP) joined in a statement by which it retracted the falsehoods that it had published in a video about Christopher Chandler and Legatum in February 2018.

The statement was read today in front of Mr Justice Warby on behalf of Christopher Chandler; and can be viewed here.

We are delighted with this retraction which is the latest in a series of corrections and apologies made by leading publications which have retracted inaccurate articles about Legatum and its partners.

Legatum has a track record of promoting open societies, free speech and human rights, so we enter into this litigation with regret. As noted in the court statement, we have no interest in punishing AEIP financially, so we waived our entitlement to costs and asked that the AEIP pay only the sum of £250 to a charity. This will ensure AEIP can continue reporting, campaigning and supporting what they believe in.

We will continue to protect our reputation in order to run our global asset management business which supports some of the most innovative and impactful philanthropic and humanitarian efforts in the world.