• Animated video on the Freedom Fund's hotspot model

    Right now, over 40 million people live in modern slavery worldwide and over 70 percent of them are women and girls. Modern slavery takes many forms, but no matter what it is called, men, women and children have lost their freedom and are being
  • Nigeria: Local ownership, local champions

    Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa has the highest burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). The END Fund works with local partners in the region who know how to navigate the complexities of their country, which is the key to ensuring
  • The Legatum Institute Foundation today announced that Shanker Singham will be leaving for a new role at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA). As supporters of the The Legatum Institute Foundation, we are proud of what he and the team have
  • The Guardian issue an apology to Legatum partner

    Legatum is pleased to report that The Guardian has published an apology for the inaccuracies included in its article Brexiters dont mind freedom of movement as long as youre rich enough to pay for it, by Zoe Williams, published on 31 January
  • Correcting fabrications about my Maltese citizenship

    We attempted to draw the attention of the journalist and editor of the article to the gross inaccuracies in their story, but they refused to take the article down. Heres the response we sent them. As the Chief Executive Officer and a partner
  • As a partner of Legatum Group and a British citizen it has been painful and disturbing to see some in the British media attack my investment firm, my partners, and the public charity, The Legatum Institute Foundation, we founded and support (and of
  • We welcome the Sunday Express newspapers decision to publish an apology to set the record straight on Legatum following the publication of an error strewn article titled Russian-funded think tank stages soft coup with Boris and Goves hard
  • In response to the Financial Times article, "Malta grants EU citizenship to Legatum backer" In August and July 2015 respectively, Christopher Chandler and Mark Stoleson, partners of the Legatum Group, applied for Maltese citizenship as part of a
  • Innovation in the Luminos Fund's Speed School classroom

    The HundrED Summit asks Caitlin Baron, CEO of the Luminos Fund, how we make education a rich experience for everyone and not just the privileged. Most education conversations in the world are divided into two poles or two camps, Caitlin Baron,
  • This is in response to the Sunday Times article dated 3rd December 2017 relating to The Legatum Institute Foundation and the Legatum Group. The media attention on The Legatum Institute Foundation and the Legatum Group is part of a coordinated