• What is modern slavery?

    Though every country has declared it illegal, modern slavery traps over 35 million people around the world. The varieties of modern slavery are nearly endless, but the essence is the same: violent and coercive exploitation of the most vulnerable
  • Empowered Ethiopian mothers create ripple effect of social good

    Despite a vast history - it's home to the world's oldest human remains, it's Africa's oldest independent country and it's even the birthplace of coffee - Ethiopia is most often portrayed through the prism of its struggle. It's a struggle so often
  • Of stones & schools

    Bordered by Eritrea to the north and Sudan to the west, Tigray Region is the northernmost of nine ethnic regions in Ethiopia. In the past, Ethiopia has most often been portrayed through the prism of its historic bouts of drought-related famine.
  • Financing the fight against modern slavery

    The Freedom Fund have announced a partnership with the Childrens Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to scale its anti-slavery work, with a particular focus on tackling the exploitation of children. Collectively these resources will enable the
  • Prosperity problem: Index reveals the winners and losers since 2008 crash

    The Great Recession of 2008 left economies in tatters around the world. The recovery has been slow and some nations have fared better than others. By considering education, health, safety and security, personal freedom and social capital in each
  • Solving complex social problems through collaboration

    Harvard Business Review features our philanthropic advisors, Geneva Global, in a piece about how the organisation strives to solve complex social problems, such as modern slavery and out-of-school children, through collaboration. Collaboration is
  • Unlocking the potential of female entrepreneurship

    Nathan Gamester, Programme Director for the Legatum Prosperity Index at the Legatum Institute speaks about how entrepreneurship can be an empowering experience that has impacts beyond economic development.  Since gender inequality is a barrier to
  • The END Fund 2014 Annual Report

    2014 was an inspiring, record year for the END Fund, with their renewed commitment to combat neglected tropical diseases, which affects over 45 million of the worlds poorest and most vulnerable people. The END Fund has been growing rapidly thanks
  • The Nepal Recovery Fund

    In response to the Nepal earthquake, Geneva Global and Capital for Good have partnered to launch the Nepal Recovery Fund - a pooled philanthropic fund that offers individual donors and foundations a way to collaborate to quickly get resources to
  • In the spirit of service

    "Sympathetic joy is a heartfelt gratification that accompanies the awareness of anothers wellbeing. Its a joy entirely devoid of expectations. Instead, it carries one of lifes greatest pleasures: celebrating the happiness of others." Ellen